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Dermanyssus gallinae, also known as red mite, is an ectoparasite of poultry and birds in general. 
The mites are blood feeders and attack resting birds at night. 
After feeding, they hide in cracks and crevices away from daylight, where they mate and lay eggs. 
Under favourable conditions the life cycle of the mite can be completed within seven days, 
so populations can grow rapidly, causing anaemia in badly affected flocks of poultry.

Since red mites can survive for up to 10 months in an empty bird loft / hen house, 
it is important to clean housing thoroughly. 
House designs should eliminate hiding places for the mites as much as possible.

Fully grown mites lay up to 8 eggs a day, which as a rule grow to larva's within 2 days. 
Under less optimal climatologic circumstances the eggs can stay inactive for a long time so 
as to take effect later when the circumstances will indeed be favourable. 
The larving stage will take about five days before it pupates in a fully grown lice. 
This development mostly takes place in narrow openings and seams of the bird loft / poultryhouse and its equipment. 

The adult mite crawls at night to the hens on the perch to suck blood. Afterwards it falls or 
crawls back to a hiding place to start laying eggs. The circle is round.

BIRDY-FINECT is based on a liquid form of silicium which results in a drying out effect on both young and adult mites.
Also the eggs of the mites are drying out. The dryin-out process takes approx 3 weeks.

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